Top 5 Unique Touches For Any Event

Looking to add an extra bit of fun to your next event? Whether you’re planning for a holiday party, birthday, quinceanera, or anniversary party, use these tips to customize your event to you and make it extra special!

1. Games for your guests

No matter how efficient your banquet hall is at serving your guests food, it still takes a while to feed 200 people. That being said, put some games on the table for your guests to get to know each other – or you– even better!


2. Create a photo slide show

Whether you include baby photos for a or a look at your progress throughout the year for an office holiday party, a photo slideshow is a great addition to any event. Have your slideshow projected on a screen as your guests enter your reception hall or on one of the walls inside.


3. D.J. teaches guests a dance

Get your guests out on the dance floor for a good time and teach them something new while you’re at it. The dance you teach your guests can even be something you made up! One thing is certain – this unique touch is sure to have endless laughs.


4. Have a fun cake stand

No matter if you’re planning a birthday party or a wedding, your cake doesn’t have to be traditional – and neither does your cake stand. Fill a short, wide vase with flowers, or give your traditional cake stand a little extra flair by adding fresh flowers along the base to make your cake truly stand out.


5. Have more than just a cake

Why stop at just a cake? Let your guests enjoy a wide range of sweets. Set up a candy bar or ice cream bar for your guests or for some really fun edible entertainment, feature a chocolate fountain at your event.

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