Top 5 Myths About Choosing A Venue

Booking a venue for any event, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate banquet can be a very stressful process, so in order to help you out, we’ve complied the top 5 myths you need to know before you book your venue.


Myth 1: Choose Your Date First

Fact: In order to ensure you get your dream venue, it is important to stay flexible with your date, especially if you plan on having your event in popular months like May, June, December, and September, where dates fill up as quickly as two years before hand. Another reason to stay flexible with your date is so you can be sure to stay within your budget. Booking in less popular wedding months like January and March could save you a bundle.


Myth 2: Saturday Events are Best

Fact: Many people, especially brides, prefer a Saturday event so that guests have a day to travel both to and from the location of the event without taking off work; however having a Sunday or Friday event is often less expensive. Keep in mind, most people won’t mind taking an extra day off work if it’s a large event, especially if it can save you money when choosing your venue, caterer, photographer, and other wedding vendors. Furthermore, guests still get the weekend to relax and visit with you.

Myth 3:  Prices are Easy to Compare

Fact: Each venue you visit will have different pricing packages, but not all the pricing packages include the same thing. While the pricing for two banquet halls may both include the hall for five hours, some may charge for linens, centerpieces, or clean up – in addition to the listed price. It is important that when asking for the price of your venue to ask what all a package includes, not just what it costs.


Myth 4: Receptions and Ceremonies in Different Locations

Fact: Some reception halls can accommodate both the reception and the ceremony for either a wedding or quinceanera. Whether they have a ceremony site right outside the hall or can transform their main ballroom into an elaborate ceremony, having guests only travel to one location can be very advantageous, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests where rides to and from the event may be hard to come by or very expensive.


Myth 5: The Quoted Price is the Final Price

Fact: Often times the most expensive parts of your event are added on to your quoted price. For example, if you choose to have catering at your wedding, there is a service charge along with tax and gratuity that can make up to a $4,000 difference from your quoted price depending on the price of your event. Beware also of the fact that sometimes china and décor for your event, such as chair covers and linens, can cost extra.

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