Top 5 Unique Touches For Your Wedding

Every bride is looking for that special touch to add to her wedding without breaking the bank. Here’s a list of five simple touches you can add to your wedding ceremony and reception to make it uniquely yours.


1. Write your own vows

Writing your own vows doesn’t have to be a long and painful task. Your vows can be short and sweet, and something that your guests will definitely remember.


2. Customize your program

Many guests show up early to a wedding and spend a majority of that time reading the program, so why not give them something fun to read? Try writing a short paragraph about how you know each member of the wedding party and entertain all your guests while they wait!


3. Create a fun guest book

Who says a guest book has to be just a book? Why not make your guest book a scrapbook? Put a photo booth next to your guest book and let your guests take pictures to post in your book along with their name.


4. Create a theme for your reception

If you and your husband are beach lovers, add an ocean theme to your reception. Chose a blue and white color scheme, create centerpieces made with shells, or have your cake decorated with starfish. The possibilities are endless!


5. Name the tables

Make your wedding truly unique to you by choosing names instead of numbers for your tables. Name tables after streets in your hometown, flavors of wedding cake, or kinds of flowers. You can even choose table names to tie into a theme if you chose to have one.


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