Top 5 To-Dos Once You Are Engaged

Now that you have gotten engaged and bear the title “Bride-to-Be”, a rush of excitement takes over.  Your wedding planning start right now!  Making all your choices at one time can get a little overwhelming, so let us take it one step at a time.  Planning your wedding will be something you will never forget.

1. Calm down, relax, and don’t forget to breath. Don’t go on an impulsive buying spree and stock up on items that    you might not need.  Your wedding colors and theme might still change five times before you feel one hundred percent satisfied with your perfect backdrop.  Making returns and exchanges on custom wedding decor items will be tough.

2. Take some time to discuss the best timing for your ceremony and wedding. Is a summer wedding more convenient because the kids are out of school.  Or maybe a long three day weekend like Memorial Day, Labor Day, or Fourth of July.  The holiday season is another time when family from out of town can come and visit.  Making sure your wedding date doesn’t conflict with other major events is important.

3. Guest list and wedding budget are next. The wedding budgets typically dictate your guest list, and vice versa.  If you have a large guest list, your wedding reception budget must accommodate the party.  Put together you guest list and then go over it at a later time.  Couples tend to want to invite everyone to share their special wedding day.  Don’t forget that your job will be to show them all a great time.

4. Consider how much help you want from a wedding planner. How much time do you have in your schedule to plan your wedding?  Narrowing down reception halls with various wedding packages, picking out table linens and chair covers, and setting up food tasting are just a few items on the list.  Look at a wedding coordinator as an extension of yourself.  Make sure they share your vision and are able to incorporate your wedding ideas.

5. Don’t forget to compromise. Having a stress free planning process is worth more than money can buy.  Don’t feel obligated to outshine your cousins wedding reception from last year.  Consider the needs of your groom, family members, and guests.  Difference of opinions will always arise, and handling matters in a diplomatic fashion is your first test.

Huge thanks to Rice Village Diamonds, Houston’s best engagement ring designers and fine jewelry store, for providing this amazing advice to our lovely engaged couples.

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