Springtime Weddings

  • Modern Wedding Sign in Table

Springtime weddings are very popular, and typically the color schemes are very soft colors, but this upcoming spring we are seeing a huge range of color schemes. There are brides that are going for the rustic natural look to the hip and sexy modern style. The rustic look is being incorporated with greens, chocolates and oranges, while the modern looks are using purples, blues and lots of lighting effects. At Demers Banquet Hall we love to transform your special day in to a magical event that you will never forget.


Traditional Color Schemes

Our ideas on rustic looks range from simple and traditional color schemes to over sized rustic aisle arrangements and sprigs of wildflowers as centerpieces.  Another, natural look that is becoming popular are clear vases and mirrored accents with white floral. And candles would be a grand addition to the white color scheme and in some way maybe a secret garden look can be added as well.

Country Wedding Style Centerpiece

Country Wedding Cake Setting

Modern Lighting

The more modern style weddings are very exquisite because these brides want to go outside the box. They still want a traditional wedding but they want to incorporate colors, design and lighting into their special day. Demers Banquet Hall tries to incorporate a little of the modern lighting into all the events we have in our ballroom. We start with up lighting to go all out with projected floral images. These images could take the place of floral arrangements.

Lounge Wedding Area

Lounge Settings

Sexy lounge settings are very nice in a modern décor. If a bride is looking to incorporate a cocktail hour into her wedding, the lounge seating is very popular. When there is lounge seating at the event, monogramming is also popular. It’s fun to have initials on a piece of furniture or just too even have it on the dance floor or reception venue walls.

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