Different Shades of White?

We dream of our wedding day since childhood, but something you have probably never thought about is what shade of white wedding dress you would wear. Choosing the shade of wedding dress can be equally challenging if not more challenging than choosing your style of dress. Do not fret because we at Demers have written a guideline to purchasing the perfect shade of wedding dress for you.

Essentially there are four basis shades of white gowns. There is stark white (the whitest, brightest shade you can find), Diamond, silk, or natural white (these are a shade darker than stark white), Ivory white (has yellow undertones and looks creamy), and champagne white (has pink undertones but looks white in pictures).

Most importantly, know your skin tone so that you can match the perfect shade of white with your skin.

There are four skin tone categories; fair, pink undertone, yellow undertone and dark brown. Brides with fair skin typically look great in ivory white or diamond whit; stark white will make you look washed out. If your skin has a pink undertone, creamy colors will look best on you. Those with yellow undertones will look great in champagne, diamond white or stark white; avoid yellow-ish ivory dresses. Brides with brown or dark brown skin will have it easy sense all shades of white typically compliment their skin.

Now you can save yourself time and stress when looking for a gown. No need to try on every dress in the boutique, narrow your options by simply asking for a particular shade of dress.

Happy shopping!

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