Bridesmaid Dress Trends

Your bridesmaids are there for you throughout your whole wedding process, so why not thank them by giving them a bridesmaid dress they’ll truly love wearing? We’ve mapped out some of the most popular bridesmaid dress trends for 2010 and 2011, and why they’re so popular in the fashion industry today.

Bridesmaid dresses with ruffles are one classy style that can be used on any bridesmaid dress, regardless of neckline, length, and bodice style. Because of its ability to seamlessly add an extra bit of flair to any style, the wedding industry is seeing ruffles being included in a variety of weddings, whether they are spring weddings during the day, or winter weddings during the evening. Bridesmaid dresses with ruffles are by far the most popular with the up and coming vintage trend in weddings, where ruffles can be accented with vintage or romantic jewelry.

Asymmetrical necklines are another trend seen this year with bridesmaid dresses. Asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses are most popular with free flowing fabric, which makes them an excellent match for the ruffles mentioned earlier. Because it is often hard to pair an asymmetrical neckline with necklaces, it is recommended that instead you choose long, dangly earrings to complement your dress. Asymmetrical bridesmaid dresses are most popular among modern brides who want to add a little extra twist to their wedding.

Lastly, shorter bridesmaid dresses have been making a big comeback. This trend is especially popular with bridesmaids because it means that they can wear their bridesmaid dress more than once, whether it be to go a holiday party or an evening out on the town. Short bridesmaid dresses are also less expensive as they require less fabric, and can still be just as sophist short dresses can still be sophisticated.

Always remember, bridesmaid dresses can still be cute without taking away from your spotlight!

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