To Future Bride…

You’re one of the lucky ones. Lucky to have found your best friend; lucky to be in love, lucky to know deep in your heart that you’re ready to share your life with him; and lucky to be holding this timeless treasure in your hands – your personal “Bride’s Diary”.

There is a common regret among marrying couples that after twelve months of planning and attention to details, they forget to savor their hard-planned celebration. Don’t let this happen to you! Remember to have fun and enjoy the planning process. Don’t become so bogged down with details and etiquette that you forget to enjoy yourselves. Try to remember that mistakes will happen – plan on it: forgetting the bouquet, the family dog eating the wedding cake, a train passing by and drowning out your vows. Know that these mistakes will be some of your most treasured memories – the favorite stories told around the family dinner table for years to come. These are the memories that you will hold closest to your heart.

Keep your sense of humor, as well as your sense of perspective, firmly intact. In fact, the skills you acquire and use in the planning of your wedding will lay important foundations for your marriage – the ability to listen, compromise, respect each other’s needs and boundaries, and stay passionate and committed to the task at hand. Whatever else you vow, promise to create an opportunity for the two of you to savor this day.

Turn to this experience for the wonderful illustrations of the sorts of tender moments you can look forward to in your lives. Use it as a loving reminder that our imperfections are part of our charm; and a reminder that the sentiments of love, family and friendship shared on your big day are the truly important wedding accessories.

–Written by Beverly Clark, creator of The Beverly Clark Collection—

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