Welcome to Demers Banquet Hall Blog!

Welcome to Demers Banquet Hall Blog!

The task of planning a wedding or any other event can be overwhelming at times – but don’t worry just yet! We’ve created this blog to help you sort through the madness of creating and executing a successful event.

Each month we will feature three new blogs. At the beginning of the month we will introduce the latest wedding trends seen throughout the industry – from wedding cakes and colors to décor and bridesmaid dresses. Our mid-month post will be either a wedding story or other event story from one of our clients or followers. Feel free to send us your event story at blog@demersbanquethall.com and check every month to see if your story made our blog. Our end of the month blog will be a “Top 5” list ranging from topics from “Top 5 Unique Touches for Your Event” to “Top 5 Tips for Selecting a Caterer.

Have a question about planning your event or a topic you’d like to read about? Let us know! Send us an e-mail at events@demersbanquethall.com with any questions or comments you might have, and we’d be happy to respond.

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